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(ISC)² CISSP Certification Class

(ISC)² CCSP Certification Class

We provide an environment where you can get 1-on-1 training with an experienced professional. 

About the Instructor

Karl Kamin has unparalleled expertise and technological knowledge that he has developed over his 30+ years working in the Information Technology industry. He did Cyber Security work for the DoD.  He currently has (ISC)² CSSP and CISSP certifications. With his hands-on in-depth knowledge in the Cyber Security field and his passion for teaching, Karl makes an exceptional instructor. He has been teaching CISSP and CCSP classes for over 5 years. 

Karl’s journey to teaching started long before the 5 years of in classroom instruction. Starting a company in 1995 for IT services seemed to be a small side project at the time. As Kamin Associates started to grow, Karl’s need for minds who could grasp the technological world as well has he did grew. In the 27 years Karl has managed Kamin Associates he has taught a vast amount of technical knowledge to numerous other individuals. Bringing on individuals who were at different points in their career, some just starting off in IT. 

Just teaching the book is not enough. Being able to connect to your student and instill in them concepts and ideas goes beyond the classroom. Passing an Industry Certification is extremely rewarding! Watching your students succeed and excel in their careers is far beyond measure.  

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